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State of Equity in Education Report- Summary Documents

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

This report will detail the issues of inequity in the Manitoba education system and our Calls to Action to the Community, School Divisions, Faculties of Education, Provincial Government, and Stakeholders to address the shortage of newcomer and racialized teachers in Winnipeg.

The limited representation of newcomer and racialized teachers in Winnipeg schools is rooted in systemic racism. We cannot achieve equity in all levels of the Education system without acknowledging and addressing this truth.

In 2018, only 3 out of 54 school trustees in the 6 Winnipeg school divisions were persons from racialized communities. The decision-making process is flawed when voices are missing when program deliberation and policy decisions are made.

Increasing representation of newcomer and racialized teachers in Winnipeg can begin with Bachelor of Education programs. Of the four universities in Manitoba, only one sets student enrolment equity targets for applicants to their B.Ed program.

To improve academic outcomes of newcomer and racialized students, they must be better reflected in Education curriculum and staff.

The State of Equity in Education Report will detail our alternate vision of the Manitoba Education System. Read our Report Summary and Calls to Action below and join us for the launch via Zoom! To register, email Kathleen, NEC Co-Chair, at

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