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Newcomer Education Coalition


Vision Statement: 

Welcoming, inclusive, and equitable schools where all students are respected and have the opportunity to flourish and achieve their social and educational goals in a culturally proficient, safe, and supportive environment.

Mission Statement: 

To work collaboratively with various stakeholders including community groups, settlement agencies, educational institutions, ethno-cultural communities, health & social service agencies and government to improve the educational outcomes of newcomer children and youth in the K-12 school system in Manitoba. This includes working to improve the success of newcomer children and youth in the areas of Literacy, Academics and Language (LAL), high school graduation and wellness, as well as ensuring that youth have the tools, supports and opportunities to pursue post-secondary education.

Image by Elisa Calvet B.

Our Leaders

Committed to the Cause


Kathleen Vyrauen

Co-Chair of the Newcomer Education Coalition

Kathleen Vyrauen came to Canada at the age of four, immigrating from Georgetown, Guyana with her family. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Rights and Global Studies from the University of Winnipeg and began her career working with newcomer, immigrant and refugee communities almost ten years ago. Kathleen has worked in varying capacities from frontline service delivery to administration and management within the sector, currently residing as the Research and Community Development Project Manager at Immigration Partnership Winnipeg.

NEC'S Key Priority Areas

The coalition tailors their advocacy around the following 6 key priority areas;

  • Increased Involvement of Newcomer Parents in their Children’s Education

  • Specialized Supports for Older Youth with Interrupted Schooling or Limited Education

  • Professionalization of EAL

  • Equity in the School System

  • Increased Mental Health Supports for Newcomer Youth in Schools and Community.

  • Research on Emerging Issues

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